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Used, Remanufactured and Rebuilt Parts Sources

Magazine Articles on 6 Series

BMW Books


Used, Remanufactured and Rebuilt Parts Sources - Bob Duckworth

Here's a compilation of the advertisers in the back of the latest ROUNDEL that deal in used, remanufactured, or rebuilt parts.

The parts suppliers that I have personally dealt with and recommend are identified.

"Bob Duckworth" <rduckwor@msn.com>


AAA Small Car World TX 800-433-3766
Active Foreign Auto ?? 800-321-9732
Auto Doctor ?? 800-626-0703
Autobahn CA 800-517-7278
Bavarian Auto Recycling CA 800-269-8972
BMW Parts ?? 800-359-4614
Damron European ?? 800-541-3011
DLS GA 770-242-9366 reman. driveshafts *recommended
Double 02 Salvage CA 510-782-2002
Driveline OR 800-227-8608
Effects Inc. ?? 800-359-4614
European Exchange Inc NJ 201-489-7770 rebuilt transmissiions
German Auto Salvage CA 510-525-6000
IPTC FL 954-785-2328 reman. Trannys, alternators, steering racks etc.
Programma, Inc. FL 800-668-8843 SI Boards, brains, e;ectronic, *recommended
The Auto Works FL 800-377-2520
Vines AL 800-214-4839 *recommended

Magazine Articles on 6 series

The following is a list of known articles on the E24. If you know of others, please forward to the FAQmeister.

1.  Roundel--February 1998

2.  Motor Trend--April 1988 "Power Trip! BMW M6 vs. 928 S4"

3.  Turbo Hi-Tech Performance -- March 1988 "A Mission with a 370-Horse Message-Cross-Country run to the BMW Car Club of America Octoberfest in a Turbocharged 635CSI"

4.  Motor Trend--Sept. 1987 "BMW M6 M635CSi Road Test"

5.  Car & Driver on BMW M6--July 1987

6.  Road & Track-- July 1986 (comparing 635 to XJ-S & 560SEC)

7.  Car and Driver-- February 1985 "BMW 635 CSi - Use it as a fast car is used in Europe as a small plane." (This one came as a photocopy with the history of the car)

8.  Motor Trend--Feb. 1985 "BMW M635CSi Road Test"

9.  Car & Driver--July 1984 "BMW M635CSi"

10. Road & Track --Oct. 1982 "Driving Impression 635CSi"

11. Motor Trend--Sept. 1982 "BMW 633CSi Turbo Road Test"

12. Road & Track Special--1982 "BMW 633CSi Road Test"

13, Motor Trend--Jan. 1979 "BMW Alpina 630 Road Test"

14. Car & Driver--Dec. 1977 (comparing BMW 630CSi to MB 450 SLC & Jag SJ-S)

15. Road & Track--June 1977 "BMW 630 CSi Road Test"

16. Road & Track Special--1977 "BMW 630CSi"

17. Road & Track--June 1976 "A New Coupe' from BMW"

18. Automobile Magazine, July 1987, titled BMWM6.

Brookland Books has published BMW 6 Series, Gold Portfolio 1976-1989 (ISBN1-85520-361-8) which is a collection of magazine articles, including most of the articles above. There are also many reprints from European and Austrialian magazines that have not been listed above.


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BMW Books




 BMW 6 Series; Gold Portfolio 1976-1989  R M Clark  Brooklands Books  1-85520-361-8
 High Performance Series BMW 6~Series Jeremy Walton Arco Publishing 0-947784-016
 BMW A Celebration of Excellence Eric Dymock Orion Books 0-517-58047-0
BMW Driver's Book James Ruppert Haynes 0-85429-846-0
 Illustrated BMW Buyer's Guide Ken Gross Motorbooks International 0-87938-165-5