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Racing Dynamics / Bilstein Sports / Hartge Sway Bars



Racing Dynamics / Bilstein Sports / Hartge Sway Bars - Andre Grandi

I just recently upgraded the suspension on my '83 633 csi. I went with Bilsteins Sports and Racing Dynamics Springs. Incredible difference, it added a little negative camber which helps the turn in response. This car handles very flat, no body roll in turns. The sway bars are Hartge 16mm rear and 22mm front with stock bushings. I have also purchased new thrust arms and Korman bushings for these arms which I plan to install.

If you install these components your only limitation on handling will be your tires. I am running 225/60/14 Falken's on stock rims(college student special $80.) which "use" to be fine but with the new suspension they are mediocre at best. The RD springs lower the car by about 3" in the front and 2.75" in the rear. Also the rear Bilsteins have adjustable spring perches. Overall it's the best return for your performance investment you can make, IMHO. Springs and Shocks cost me $560, Korman bushings cost $150, stock thrust arms cost $69. each. The Hartge sway bars where $125 for both. I have rear Eibach springs for the above if you are interested, $50.