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April 2011, I finally have the seats back and they look great!
I lucked in to a near-perfect used Euro dash to replace the cracked one. This will make almost as much difference in the interior as the seat upholstery shown below.
Though not original, I always liked this momo wheel made specifically for the BMW M models with the M 3-color stripes as part of the leather center. The rim is thicker for a better grip, and it fits the period of the car (in my opinion).
Complete new front seat upholstery from Kevin Chinn of Creative Options. Kevin sent me a sample bit of leather to match, then made new leather upholstery identical to the original. He also recovered the hard shell seat backs to match, and not shown are a matching shift boot and brake boot.
I wanted some nice mats for the interior, and found mention of these on I think they're simple, like something BMW might have done when the car was new.