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Paint stripper, note all the seams are taped.
I've done this myself, and this is so much better than sanding.
Returning the car to the way it was built, Steve expertly filled the holes added for the U.S. mandated side markers. He also sprayed a little texture and paint inside the rear fenders.
That single spot of rust I mentioned earlier, watch how it disappears!
Approximately $1400 in paint supplies, it sure doesn't look like it, does it?
Prepping the front bumper and air dam.
Steve said getting this piece right was the hardest part. It couldn't have looked better new.
It is only primer, and the car still looks better than it has in years.
Doors, trunk, and hood jambs were painted where needed, and the rockers were treated with gravel guard as they were when new.
Notice the gravel guard on the rear quarter, but not on the rear apron. This is the way that the factory did it. Rocker panels between the doors and below the bottom chrome trim will be satin black.
This is before the car was wet-sanded and buffed.
My friend Steve shows off his handy work. Steve does some impressive automotive art besides the paint and body work.
Loaded up for the trip home, now we just have to get it home without scratching it.