Nov. 2019
I had bought the crank pulley a while back. When a nice gentleman decide to have the water pump pulleys made, I knew I had to have one. Both were made specifically for the Sunbeam Tiger.
The are Ford Motorsport X306 heads. Valves and ports are a little larger, and the aluminum cuts about 50lbs off the front of the car, and will allow higher compression. Compared to building a set of heads, buying these was an easy decision.
I had acquired a near new ford crate motor years ago, but I had it freshened for good measure. Here you see it with head studs installed, right before the heads are bolted on
Heads are now torqued down. The Edelbrock intake is just sitting in place here, covering the lifter valley.
With roller lifters on the cam, roller-tipped rockers seemed like the natural choice. These Jesel shaft-mount rockers will fit under the stock valve covers, but I am not sure if the rocker cover baffles can remain. At this point, they are not yet installed in the valve covers.
I am mocking-up the accessories. Alternator placement, belt alignment, and oil filter placement are routine considerations with the Sunbeam Tiger.
Here you can see where the crank and water pump pullies do not align.
Here is the custom made alternator mount,...
...and here, with the one-wire mini Denso alternator fitted.
Note the cast aluminum Tiger lettered air cleaner to match the valve covers. It is a serial numbered custom part I bought 20 years ago, I think only about a hundred were made.
Jan 2020 update: Dale A. was kind enough to modify my Edelbrock pump to fit the shortened pump requirements of the Tiger.

Here you can see the water pump and crank pulleys now line up as they should.