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Cleaned and coated in etching primer, she's ready for massaging of the sheet metal to make her perfect...
This Tiger had a hard life before I bought it, but thankfully there is almost no rust. A bit in the trunk where the battery sits...
... and some minor perforation where the transmission tunnel meets the passenger floor.
The original color was #86, BRG (British Racing Green). I am still undecided on color for this time.
This is the parts car, or half parts car. The rear fenders on my tiger have been damaged, and I put this away in the basement for ~20 years!
This hardtop is great, needs virtually nothing but paint.
November 2nd, 2018. Surgery begins.

Long before I got the car, probably in the 1970s, this quarter had been replaced with one crudely rivetted on top of the old panel. This time around, it will be fixed properly.

This panel will be saved, and might help someone else fix another car.
November 15, 2018. The square cornered trunk lid has been converted to a round corner.
The entire quarter panel is removed in preparation for the replacement.
A section of the wheel housing was bent behind the quarter panel, it will be replaced.
Here is the replacement panel, carefully removed by drilling its original spot welds.
Here the sectioned wheel well has been replaced, and the repair is undetectable. Todd is a wizard with this!
Quarter installed, no more wrinkles and bondo.