Jun. 2020 Jul. 2020

June 2020
June 13th, the car was a little dusty and covered in fingerprints, so a wash was in order. I really have been working on the car, scroll down to see what's been taking the time.
I've working on the car, doing a lot of the not-so-fun thing that make everything better later. Here is the new dash pad getting trimmed for the windshield...
The windshield and re-polished stainless fitted...
A perfect working set of underdash fresh air vents that I was fortunate to buy and put away years ago...
almost invisible, refinished defroster vents and tubes, rebuilt wiper motor, blower motor, and more.
When I get weary crawling under the dash, I do some of those things I should should have done while the car was away at paint. Last week the metal for the GT door panel trim was bead blasted and painted, and the new vinyl is being fitted..
The original Tiger fuel pump bracket will be repurposed to hold the post-fuel-pump filter for the EFI.
Here I am mocking up where I will put the EFI fuel pump and its pre-filter. These must be close to the tank.
Getting read to run new fuel and brake lines.
Wilwood rear disc brake calipers fitted, clearance is absolutely not an issue with the 15" wheels.
Amazon supplied me with these rubber isolater mounts, which I will use for the fuse box and fuel pump.
The fuse box mounts neatly where the stock voltage regulator was originally.
Of course, installing this piece is the ultimate goal, and there are more neat pieces in the works to make the car run and drive like a car 50 years newer than it is!