The passenger side was hit years before I got the car. Only recently, when the car was completely stripped did the distortion of the inner door post become visible. Todd is replacing the inner structure in addition to the outer quarter.
As on the drivers side, a shallow crease on the right quarter had put wrinkles on the inner fender. Todd has surgically sectioned parts from the donor car to eliminate the wrinkled outer wheel housing. This might seem extreme, but the original sunbeam sheet metal is thick and sturdy by modern standards!
In the foreground is the passenger wheel well, with no trace of the fender. The entire outer quarter, as well as the inner door frame will come from the donor Alpine.
Here is the work being done to get the right quarter panel aligned. Particular attention is being paid to panel gaps, and I didn't realize in the 1980s just how poorly it fit at the time.
Here is the weld attaching the quarter to the rocker panel (before it disappears completely).
This is pre-welding. You see here that the right fender is ever so slightly lower than the trunk lid.
Fitted and attached. The gaps are very nice. The door might appear slightly high at the back, but this will disappear once the glass and other trim are added on.
Here are the inner and outer jamb in place, prior to welding.
There was a small amount of rust below the trunk mounted battery, patched with a small portion from the donor car trunk.
The long missing exhaust hangers have returned. I had some heavy quad tips mounted here in the 80s, and they were too heavy for the factory mounts.
The trunk floor from above.
License plate holes in the rear pan have been removed. I will use a license plate mount that attaches with the same screws that mount the light.
It looks like a whole car again!