August 2019, we are down to the details. Todd has fitted the front suspension, wheels and tires, in order to check for clearance with the front apron.
Sunbeam Tigers came stock with 13x4.5" wheels, tiny by today's standards. Most today want a more modern tire with a little more grip, and almost any larger size has clearance issues.
These wheels are replicas of the original, optional 13" alloy wheels, but in a 15" size. The fronts have been fitted with 185/55 tires to approximate the diameter of the original wheels.
Todd has fitted the wheels and turned them inward to check the minimum clearance.
Rears will be slightly larger, but clearance is not as much an issue since they need not turn left/right.
Tires straight ahead, clearance is fine.
Minimum clearance, the angle from which the photo was taken makes this seem closer than it really is.