Right rear quarter, nothing but steel! The previous quarter had been hit and patched. My friend Bill did an incredible job of making the abused quarter look great, but even he agrees that this is a big improvement..
On the left side, the thinnest amount of filler hides the butt welded joint where the replacement quarter panel is spliced in. Todd is an artist with the welder, I wish I had his talent.
The donor quarter panels were joined to the trunk-header at the factory seam, which is absolutely undetectable here...
...and here.
Todd has asked about repairing the speaker holes someone cut in the convertible top panel. They won't show when the car is assembled, but we may do it. I will not be installing a stereo in the car, as the roller cam 302 will be music to my ears.
Prior to Todd working his magic, the holes around the bumper bolts had some distortion. With the bumper mounted, it wouldn't show, but Todd fixed it anyway..
When the paint is applied, the car will probably have a better fit and finish than it did when new!
The Alpie front fender was installed in the 1980s with an L-shaped piece of steel and a rather ugly weld. Todd has redone it to look as neat as the factory made it.
Randy said the right front frame rail had a small kink ahead of the crossmember. Here it is straightened with no kink!
One of the captive nuts for the front bumper was pulled out when I got the car. Back in the 1980's, we hastily welded some studs to the front of each frmae rail so the bumper could be attached. Here Todd has restored the factory bumper mounts..
The driver's side bumper mount in progress.
The rear valence on the car was generally straight and unrusty, but Todd has improved it by straightening around the bumper mounts. Note the nice fit of the truck lid, no small feat since both rear quarters were replaced..