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This Library is laid out to follow the Bentley E28 5 Series manual. Why the 5 Series you ask? Well, the 6 Series is a 5 Series in wolf's clothing. The power train and suspension information in the 5 Series manual will, for the mostpart, work on the 6 Series. Besides, it's a logical organization. Within each section is information supplied by members of the bcg list. The information is intended to supplement the 6 Series repair manual and the Bentley 5 Series manual.

The "Listing By Topic" section provides a list of specific articles by title rather than by category. In this way, if you are not sure what category your question might be in, you can look at the Topics to see if there is an article covering the topic you are interested in.

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Please check your question out here BEFORE you ask the bcg for help. If you have information to add to this technical library, please send it to Norm Grills, Webmeister and prefix the e-mail with "technical library:". I process 60-100 e-mails a day between work and home (where this is maintained) so, it will help to prioritize and process this volume. Thanks!

All information contained in this technical library is provided by BMW enthusiasts who are not typically fully trained in the art of BMW maintenance. As such, all information in this technical library is provided "as-is". Any use of this information is strictly the responsibility of the using party. The supplier of the information and the Webmeister assume no liability for incorrect information or use of this information.

Last Updated 10/8/05

  General Maintenance
  1. Fundamentals  12. Manual Tranmission and Clutch
  2. Lubrication and Maintenance  13. Manual Transmission Overhaul
  3. Engine Management - Driveability  14. Automatic Transmission
  4. Engine - Service and Repair 15. Driveshaft and Final Drive
  5. Engine - Reconditioning  16. Suspension - Front
  6. Fuel Supply  17. Suspension - Rear
  7. Fuel Injection  18. Steering and Wheel Alignment
  8. Ignition  19. Brakes
  9. Battery, Starter, Alternator  20. Body and Interior
10. Cooling System  21. Heating and Air Conditioning
11. Exhaust System  22. Electrical System


  Performance Enhancements

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