This was my college ride, a real Sunbeam Tiger. I purchased the car battered and bruised, and with the help of several friends, resurrected it in the 1980s. It was my daily transportation for years.
The car originally BRG (British Racing Green), but was white when I got it. It had been badly repaired from a front end collision, but I elected to save it because I had always wanted one. Little did I know that it had been bent on most other panels as well.
These pictures were taken just before the last roadtrip, about 1998, where the engine self destructed from a dropped valve. I purchased a near new 302 crate motor then, but the car has been patiently waiting for that transplant in my garage for nearly 20 years.
Rocket City Mustang Club show, probably late 1980s.
Father and son Sunbeam Tigers, Dad's unrestored car is on the right.
Madison Square Mall car show, the car now with steel wheels and trim rings for a semi-sleeper image.
The mall opened in about 1983 or 1984. The mall is long gone...
...but the Tiger is still here!